Since 2017, TNP Luxembourg supports players in Financial Services, Manufacturing Industry and Services in their organisational, operational, digital and regulatory Transformation programs.  Combining business and technological know-how, TNP positions itself as an alternative to the Big 4 to accelerate your performance on strategic projects.
Our human-sized team is committed to the success of the projects to which we contribute and mobilises when required additional expertise and experience from the Group." Nathalie MEGE, managing partner, TNP Luxembourg

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Our strength

Multisectorial and multispecialist
Hybrid: bilingual business/technologies
Value-driven approach
Value-driven approach

Our missions

#Organization #People #OPEX #Transformation
The luxembourguish bank wanted to clarify the positioning of its legal department, improve its efficiency and ultimately internal clients satisfaction. After workshops and interviews, TNP identified improvement areas and produced an action plan.

A similar experience within this bank allowed us to quickly identify the key issues to drive the success of this reorganization.

#Compliance #GDPR #Control #Procedures #Regulatory
TNP has supported various clients in the banking sector and services in GDPR compliance and implementation of their Control Plan (updating the corpus of procedures and policies, DPIAs and associated workflows and related awareness and training).

Our expertise on regulatory issues, our knowledge of the sector and our references for assistance with compliance.

#Compliance #MiFID2 #Banking #Procedures #RegulatoryTNP supported two private banks in their transition from MiFID I to MiFID II by updating their corpus of procedures and policies (product governance, inducements, safeguarding of assets, client profile, etc.).

Our expertise on MiFID II regulation, our knowledge of the banking sector and our ability to adapt to a cross-border framework.

#Process #Journey #Cybersecurity #Architecture
The bank's architecture team was looking to revise its project qualification model (architecture, operation, security and testing) to accompany the architects from onboarding the project to the GoNoGo milestone of production launch;

Our expertise in IT Architecture, transformation and operational excellence.

#TargetOperatingModel #Organization #SupportFunctions
In the context of major growth and geographical expansion, the client wanted to revisit its business strategy and related operating model. We have worked on marketing and sales, content managemenent, performance management and contributed to the set up of the corporate functions. 

Our philosophy of transformation which includes all dimensions (organization, processes, tools, human dimension)

#Digitization #Automation #DataModels #Workflows #Reporting
The railway company offers a series of Services to its « Railway Companies » customers, and wanted to digitize the contracts and the service catalogue, as well as automate the processes via the workflow engine and notifications.

Our expertise in terms of digital transformation and process streamlining, combined with change management

#Digitization #Architecture #eSignature
In line with the car manufacturer's digitalization program, the bank of the Group was aiming to deploy electronic signatures and review the management of digital documents (paperless end to end processes).

Our expertise in terms of digitization and IT Architecture

#Digitization #IOT #Industry4.0
The major challenge of the company's strategy was to drive digital transformation on two dimensions : Developing connected products for its customers (IOT) and automating the shop-floor by following a Smart factory / Industry 4.0 journey.

Our biliguism business-technologies and our expertise in operating models and digital transformation

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