TNP, an independent consulting firm extended its international footprint creating TNP Italy and opening a new office in Milan in 2020. TNP Italy supports industry and financial services players in their optimization and transformation programs: compliance, operational and digital excellence.

TNP, a hybrid firm combining business and technological know-how, is positioned as an alternative to the Big 4.

Creation year


5 people in 2020

1 M€ in turnover
objective 2021

Our strength

Result Oriented
Partner of your transformation, from strategy to implementation
Center of Excellence in Fashion Sector
Strong technological and business knowledge

Our missions

#StockOptimization #OperationalExcellence #Green

A major actor of the Fashion Industry wants to reduce its level of stock gaining in visibility and act a sustainable policy. TNP supports the client to implement a periodical monitoring identifying actions to reduce the stock excess and investigating green initiatives (as recycling/upcycling).

A coordinated team of supply chain experts, analysts and datascientists allowed TNP to support the client to achieve their objectives and avoid investments for additional spaces

#OperationalExcellence #CostReduction #ProcessSimplification

A major player in the industry wishes to reduce the costs of its supply chain (production, warehousing, transport...) through the implementation of initiatives to simplify/optimize processes and to improve its procurement policy (re-negotiation of contracts).

A team of business experts, supports by TNP France, helps the client to identify and implement cost reduction initiatives, aiming to produce > 100 M€ of savings.

#TargetOperatingModel #Implementation #Results #SupplyChain

A leader in Retail is transforming its supply chain model. TNP supports the company in the definition of its strategy, the design of the solution (identification and selection of partners) and its operational implementation.

TNP Italy's teams bring their expertise and know-how as close as possible to the customer during the different phases of the project.

TNP Italy supports the client beeing on-site for the various phases of the project.

Our offices
Bastioni di Porta Nuova 21
Milano 20121, Italia
Phone : +39 0289041477 / +39 0289041478