Technology transformation

Technology transformation
Technology transformation
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Our know-how

Our CIO Advisory practice provides accelerators to assess the performance of organizations, define and deliver major CIO transformation milestones.

To support these transformations, our consultants' know-how is based on three main areas of expertise:

1 // Operational transformation

2 // Technology transformation

3 // Performance management

The current health crisis represents a major challenge for all companies, which are affected both economically and operationally. In this context, the IT department must optimize its performance in order to continue to ensure a good quality of services and to be a driving force in making proposals to the business, while mitigating significant budgetary constraints.

It must:

  • Optimize IT spending in a context of increasing teleworking and reduced cash flow: TNP is here to help you with CASH 2020
  • Ensure access security and anticipate cyber-attacks: TNP supports you with our Cyber Defense serious game to test your IT crisis system response
  • Meeting the expectations of Executive Management and business lines and offering cheaper, faster, more innovative, and value-creating collaborative and remote working solutions: TNP supports you with Digital Workplace.


Information technology systems represent an essential driver for digital transformation and operational performance by bringing IT and business lines closer together.

Our consultants work with the business, digital and IT departments of the major multinational corporations in Banking, Insurance, Energy & Utilities, Mobility, Retail and Industry sectors.


Our CIO Advisory team helps executives committees and their CIOs implement their digital strategy and respond to the accelerated deployment of digital solutions by addressing the following issues:

  • Reducing IT costs 
  • Upgrade or migrate systems and data to the cloud 
  • Introduce the digital platform model
  • Deploy new Agile/DevOps practices to scale 
  • Adapting the governance model to allow the coexistence of legacy and digital IS




Our approach provides a tailor-made solution, combining provent and tested intervention systems and know-how drawn from more than 300 assignments:

  • Operational transformation: Business transformation/IT, Sourcing, Lean IT/Agile/DevOps, IT for IT
  • Technology transformation: Move to Cloud, API, IS rationalization
  • Performance management: Benchmark, economic management, cost reduction

We recently supported a multinational corporation in its industrial transformation to the Cloud. This support covered all aspects of the company's operations:

  • The Executive Management: inseparable links between Cloud Computing and Digitalization
  • The business: involvement in the Cloud transformation project and DevOps
  • The IT teams: initiation to Design Thinking and UX CX for the teams in charge


1 // Strategic thinking through to the implementation of solutions

2 // Total commitment to results, based on tailor-made proposals

3 // Benchmarks and TNP’s accelerator forged through more than 300 consulting missions with the CIOs of major accounts, equipped with state-of-the-art technologies (PowerBI, Machine Learning, AI, RPA)

4 // Strong seniority of the teams in charge

5 // Systematic culture of measurement 

6 // Independent and recognized expertise on the technologies to be implemented within the framework of the construction of our clients' Digital Factory

We are also mentioned in the 2019 ranking of Décideurs Magazine "Digital Transformation and Information System", in the category "Digital Transformation Consulting Firm".



The practice includes more than 90 transformation consultants, with mixed backgrounds in consulting, IT strategy and operational management.

The + of the Team:

  • Profiles complementarity
  • Dual expertise in technology and business
  • A strong appetite for innovation
  • A pronounced entrepreneurial/start-up spirit
  • Commitment


Our offers and expertise are recognized by:

  • Ability to enable the CIO evaluate and identify economic and financial leverage 
  • Expertise in digital organization models proven with major accounts and resulting from the observation of "native Clouds"
  • Our teams' combined expertise of Cloud benchmark and sector-specific business challenges to accelerate the deployment of digital services to customers, employees and partners


According to Gartner, the French Cloud Computing market will have multiplied by 6 in 10 years (6 billion in 2016).

Since 2016, our CIO Advisory offer has taken on a new dimension: defining a strategy and making an operational commitment to our clients in their transformation towards the platform model, with the help of Cloud Computing in particular.

To complete its CIO Advisory team, TNP is recruiting technical and certified profiles on Cloud technologies (AWS, Azure, etc.).

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