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Retail banking

Retail banking
Retail banking
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Our know-how

The Retail Banking practice is a multidisciplinary team of banking professionals and consultants who are constantly exchanging ideas and are mobilized to meet the challenges of our clients and accelerate their transformation.



As a consulting firm, we work with all departments: Marketing, Digital, IT, Operations or Compliance and Finance / Risk within traditional banks, neo-banks and fintechs.



We support our clients in :

  • Defining and implementing of best combination of customer journeys
  • Mesuring employee satisfaction
  • Optimizing internal processes, while ensuring the profitability of the model




To maximize business value by providing :

  • The best balance between customer service and customer experience
  • Employee experiences
  • Operational efficiency of targeted processes

We carry out numerous assignments, as a banking consulting firm, in both private and professional and corporate markets (client onboarding, selfcare acceleration, KYC remediation, etc.).


Accelerate the performance and success of our clients, by proposing innovative approaches and solutions on business, technological and methodological aspects in order to achieve the shortest possible time to market.

For example, we set up the target organization of tomorrow for a new French bank, a variation of project organisations in "feature team" mode.


We are involved from the definition of strategic orientations to the operational support of change, including the project phases of operational implementation.

In full cooperation with our clients' teams, we share our multidisciplinary skills (business & IS, legal & regulatory expertise, etc.) as well as our ecosystem (partners, start-ups and FinTechs) and our start-up incubator GATE 31. 



We are a team of around 100 people, built of both former operational staff (network bank, support functions) and experienced consultants dedicated to business & IT transformation.

Our main skills: business, digital, collaborative, organization, IT, finance/risk and regulatory.

All members of the practice are involved in operational activities: we are, above all, all consultants at the service of our clients.



We are driven by a genuine desire to serve our customers and to invent the professions of tomorrow. Everyone finds their place in our business working groups, our watch unit or the relationship with our ecosystem (start-ups and schools).



To continue our strong growth through two development ambitions:

  • Winning new customers
  • Work even more transversally, to propose TNP offers adapted to client needs
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