Private banking, asset management and securities services

Private banking, asset management and securities services
Private banking, asset management and securities services
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Our know-how

The Private banking, asset management and securities services practice is the TNP team that brings together the expertise of the Private Banking, Asset Management and Securities Services businesses. We are our clients' privileged and committed partner in the success of their transformation and digitalization projects.


We support all players in the practice’s three business lines, whether they are backed by large groups or independent companies, located in France or with an international footprint.

  • Definition of a digital strategy: design thinking, agile method, benchmarking, etc.
  • Improvement of operational efficiency: deployment of a Lean Management approach and through the implementation of TOM
  • Alignment and compliance: MIFID2, PRIIPS, remediation plans, etc.
  • Efficiency of the IT department: sourcing and benchmarking methodologies, bimodal organization and Agile method.

We are specialists in the transformation and digitalization of banks. Our scope of intervention cover all levels of organizations:

  • Optimization of customer relations and customer paths
  • Operational efficiency 
  • IT Agility and efficiency
  • Digital Transformation 
  • Regulatory compliance



With our methods, involvement and enthusiasm, we contribute to :

Improve. Performance, efficiency and time to market of organizations.

Automate. Through innovative solutions: robotics, chatbot, blockchain, etc.

Transform. The customer relationship 

Support. Employees in the improvement of local management and skills development

Our multi-disciplinary teams have the "consulting" methodology, but also the functional experience acquired with our clients. Our consultants have a high level of seniority.

Our practice is like TNP:

  • Hybrid state of mind between business expertise and technology
  • Pragmatism and an ability to adapt to customer needs
  • Technological innovation based on the creation of an ecosystem of partners and the incubation of start-ups

Representative profiles:

  • Samuel, 8 years of experience in consulting
    Works on digitalization business projects
  • Sofia, 10 years of experience in Asset Management
    Works on operational efficiency projects through the deployment of a Lean Management approach.
  • Camille, 10 years of experience
    Supports a key account in the nearshoring Securities business

The fundamentals of our customer-oriented team of experts:

State of mind. Loyalty, independence, advisory duty, honesty

Know-how. Pragmatism, commitment, professionalism, proactivity

Knowing how to be. Adaptability, enthusiasm, multicultural mix, involvement

  • Continue our growth by doubling the size of our team by 2020
  • Become a key player in the consulting business
  • Remain the preferred partner of our customers, maintaining the relationship of trust

Your contacts

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