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Industry & Services

Industry & Services
Industry & Services
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Our know-how

The Industry & Services practice is growing at TNP! It revolves around 5 sectors:

1 // Transport
2 // Automotive
3 // Energy & Utilities
4 // Industry 
5 // Services and Retail

TNP's full range of offerings, focused on business transformation, is proposed to our customers in these sectors.



We developed solid partnerships with key accounts in the following sectors:

  • Transport: SNCF, Alstom, CMA, MSC
  • Automotive: PSA, Renault and Valeo
  • Energy: Engie, Total, EDF, Enedis, Areva
  • Industry: SOITEC, Guerbet Laboratories, SAPA Group, Avril Group
  • Services & Retail: ArcelorMittal, Carrefour, Airbus



Our client are dealing with a fast-paced evolving business environment through digital revolution, new competitors in a growing market with increasing internationalization. Our consulting firm support them with the most strategic transformations whether in the field of energy, transport, logistics, engineering or retail:

  • Management of major transformation programs
  • Improvement of operational performance
  • Processes digitalization
  • New customer journeys

The catalytic effect operated by TNP!




New services on board. Our teams helped to improve the passenger experience by implementing of new services based on Wi-Fi on board.

Virtual tour & big data in a car dealership. Customer experience is amplified for a car manufacturer in India, where the use of virtual tours and big data make a visit to a dealership a memorable moment for the customer and a rich learning experience for the sales management.

Improving safety of transport operations via digital technology. For another transport customer, we are leading a transformation that, by digitizing the core business, will improve the safety of operations while reducing costs by 20%.


TNP's highly entrepreneurial DNA is reflected in its focus and total commitment to our clients, from junior to partner.

We are safe from any conflict of interest with integration and solution publishing activities and are very proud of our independence. We rely on recognized experts in their fields, some of whom have had responsibilities in the industry or in CIOs.

Our TNP Digital Factory develops digital business solutions, POCs and MVPs for the benefit of our customers.

The partners? Don't look for them in the office, they're on the clients premises!



The I&S practice brings together of 90 consultants and a PMO, as in every TNP practice. Everyone participates in the life of the community according to their motivations and aspirations:

  • Participate in business development
  • Ensuring recruitment
  • Building training materials
  • Write articles for the TNP blog and the press



We develop sector-specific offers: reduction of logistics costs, extended supply chain, energy blockchain, etc.

We rely on the offers developed by TNP:

  • Digital transformation & Business Solutions
  • CIO Advisory
  • Operational Excellence
  • Data management, Data protection, Cybersecurity
  • Regulatory Transformation, Risk, Finance



  • Serve our key accounts internationally
  • Extend our partnership with start-ups, notably thanks to our incubator GATE 31
  • Presenting more and more innovations to our customers
  • Demonstrate our know-how through regular publications
  • Consolidate the basic skills of our employees by training them all in operational excellence and the fundamentals of our sectors


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