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Corporate & Investment Banking

Corporate & Investment Banking
Corporate & Investment Banking
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Our know-how

The CIB practice has a motivated team working with corporate and investment banks.

Our skills are multiple:

  • Capital Markets
  • Trade finance
  • Structured Finance
  • Collateral management
  • Asset services
  • Regulatory and Compliance
  • Robotization
  • Operational efficiency
  • Offshoring & nearshoring



The major investment banks of the French and European markets as well as their subsidiaries and branches. As an investment banking consulting firm, we also assist the business divisions on all operational issues as well as on organizational issues.



The CIB Team works on organizational issues and process improvement to strengthen the development of corporate and investment banks:

  • Offshoring or nearshoring of back office, maintenance or development activities
  • Compliance with regulations (liquidity, Basel, MiFID2, FATCA, IQ, 871m, etc.).
  • Improvement and optimization of business processes (robotics, lean management or Lean 6 sigma...)




This expertise allows the teams to quickly develop their skills on the issues addressed during missions and to identify the structuring issues for the customer.

The results for our clients:

  • Relevant proposals
  • Meeting deadlines
  • Complementary collaboration with internal teams


Our offer deals with all current issues for corporate and investment banking. Our focus on operational efficiency is evident in our dealings with our clients. They also appreciate that we support them with quality resources.


What makes us different lies in the complementary nature of our consultants' profiles (consulting and operational experience), which makes it possible to be efficient in everything we achieve for our clients.

The firm, through its multi-specialist DNA, also builds synergies between the different communities, especially on complex and cross-cutting issues.



The CIB Team is made up of a wide variety of profiles in terms of experience mix (consultant, senior consultant, manager, director, partner). This heterogeneity reinforces our expertise and our value proposition for our clients and represents a knowledge base to be shared for newcomers. A vast majority of our resources have operational or foreign experience.

Voluntarism and proactivity are the assets of the CIB Team.



The CIB community is evolving! It enables new consultants to be fully involved in its work, to participate in its development and thus to be an actor of its practice. Taking initiative is highly valued and facilitated by a horizontal organization that is open to everyone's ideas.



The objective of the practice is to strengthen our offer for investment banks to meet the needs of our customers by recruiting the best IT and business profiles.

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